CRM & e-commerce for agribusiness

Use our spatial registration tools to rapidly onboard farmers. Share detailed production plans and records through a customer portal to build trusted customer relationships with farmers. Conveniently manage product details and pricing in one place. Run efficient and spatially optimised procurement contracts. Market your producers with your food brands online to grow revenues with loyal consumers.

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Designed to match your custom business needs

From managing farm production data to marketing farm produce, we provide solutions designed to enable sustainable food supply chains.

Farmers & cooperatives

Manage food products produced by your members, and the collective procurement of inputs and services.

Food brands

Give consumers insight into the source of your ingredients and showcase your investment in local procurement and the sustainable farming practices of your producers.

Marketplaces & retailers

Build modern online shopping experiences for food brands and give your consumers insight into the origin of brands listed on your store.


Gain deeper insights into the financial sustainability of your clients and manage your geographic risk exposure.

Showcase farmer portfolios and products

Showcase farmer profiles with their produce online. List certifications and post social media updates to give customers insights into how farmers produced their food.

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Manage your produce procurement online

Manage your procurement, marketing and sales in one convenient location. Promote your products, prepare quotations, fulfil orders and manage payment receipts.

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Analyse supply chain efficiencies and impact

Use our powerful research tools to understand current market prices and trends. Make informed decisions on the value of farmland, input costs and revenue.

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Run online food supply chains that give consumers insight into the origin and quality of their food

Drive product sales and offer unique food experiences without a patchwork of business systems. From farmer profiles to checkout, Agrista is customisable and built to scale.


All farms are geo-located for detailed production insights

Finance Planning

Plan production per field and help customers identify procurement and financing needs

Production Records

Conveniently store production records of customers to build reliable histories

SEO Optimised

We optimise product listings to show up in search results

Powerful API

Integrate all data into your customer web application


Our service run in bank-grade environments to protect your data