Take control of your most valuable farm resource, your finances. 

Securely organise your financial data, plan your finances, and manage your procurement in one convenient place.

Increase your Farmland Value

We help you organise your farm asset data and production records to give your investors and financiers increased confidence in the value of your farm. You can easily order professional valuation services from service providers on our marketplace to validate all the care you've put into improving your farmland.

Improve your Creditworthiness

We provide smart tools to help you easily draw up cash flow budgets to accurately calculate the working capital you require to realise your planned revenues. Communicate accurate financial records and plans and records with your creditors to give them confidence in your figures.

Control your Procurement

Use our procurement tools to plan your input requirements for the upcoming season. Use our procurement tools to professionally manage your relationship with your suppliers right from requesting quotations through to ordering, delivery and settlement.