Built for the food supply chains of the future.

Agrista is a procurement platform inspired by farmers who produce quality food. From smallholder to commercial operator, you can procure inputs and services, market produce, and gain deep insights into market dynamics. Collaborate with farmers and your business network to build prosperous and sustainable food supply chains.

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Take your agribusiness online

One platform to market your farming business, procure inputs and sell produce. We provide you with everything you need to create a profile, collaborate with peers, and grow your online business.

Market your agribusiness

Create an online profile that list your available produce and certifications.

Gain market insights

Use our research tools to keep track of farmland prices, input costs and revenues.

Procure inputs and services

Send quotations to your input suppliers and service providers to make informed procurement decisions.

Keep accurate records

Use our efficient record-keeping and planning tools to obtain finance.

Market your business online

Easily create an online profile that showcases your products. List your certifications and post business updates that your customers can subscribe to.

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Manage your business in one place

Manage your procurement, marketing and sales in one convenient location. Promote your products, prepare quotations, fulfil orders and manage payment receipts.

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Research markets and costs

Use our powerful research tools to understand current market prices and trends. Make informed decisions on the value of farmland, input costs and revenue.

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Agrista is designed to meet the business needs of all partners in the food value chain.


Market your products, certifications, management practices and source of origin online. Procure inputs and services directly from suppliers to reduce costs.


Collectively procure inputs and services to save costs. Market differentiated products together as premium products.

Farmer Associations

Manage accurate member data for your stakeholders. Offer exclusive volume rebates from selected merchants to your members.

Suppliers & Service Providers

Manage an online store of your products and market promotions through our network. Process quotations and orders efficiently to build long-term customer relationships.

Offtakers & Consumers

Procure agricultural produce from trusted farmers. Ensure the traceability of your supply chain and monitor impact on soils, animal welfare, and fair labour practices.


Respond faster to client financing needs with trusted data. Settle procurement transactions directly to add value to your clients.


Designed to help you scale your online agribusiness.


Agrista is free for farmers and farmer associations

Agrista gives farmers and their associations private profiles and unlimited access at no cost.

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R 499 /month

For local agribusinesses with a limited product range.

  • 3 Users included
  • 10 products included
  • 50 orders per month included
  • Dedicated profile page
  • Unlimited blogs
  • Telephonic and email support

Starting from

R 4,999 /month

For larger agribusinesses.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited orders
  • Account executive

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