Build trusted business relationships with farmers.

Our customer relationship management tools help you organise your farmer data to your customers with their financial planning. Use our online sales tools to convert trusted relationships into profitable sales.

Provide personalised services to farmers that are underpinned by accurate data.

Collate rich farmer profiles built on data that is relevant for farm production. Use our market analysis tools to stop missing market opportunities or wasting effort on saturated markets. Build long-term business relationships with farmers by using our online tools to support your sales process that make your sales staff more productive and keep your customers more informed.

Exchange Data with Farmers

We help you organise your customers' financial data using powerful spatial tools. Understand the financing requirements of farmers by building financial plans of their farm operations. At your discretion, you can securely invite farmers to register a free account on Agrista to view data you have shared with them.

Plan your Marketing Activities

We provide you with powerful regional market planning tools that incorporate data from your customer profiles and regional production data. Gain new insights into market opportunities and potential identify areas where you would like to reduce your market exposure to specific commodities.

Manage your Sales Online

Use our online tools to empower your sales staff with information that allow them to close deals quicker. List your products in our marketplace to assist farmers with their financial planning. Offer professional online quotations using our discount and delivery cost tools. Keep your customers electronically informed until orders have been fulfilled.

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$ 3200 .00

/ month
  • 50 user limit
  • 1,250 customer limit
  • Email support
  • Telephonic support


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